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Grades on Synergy are updated every 2-3 weeks. Please see Ms. Lindl during class if you have any questions.

Ear Training and Dictation Exercises

Music Theory/ Music Information




For a tutorial on using Noteflight please click here

Solo unit songs

Practice at Home


Additional Information


Participation: 40% of your grade. This includes behavior, attendance to class and performance, and class involvement.

Tests: 25% of your grade. Tests includes written tests and sight singing tests. 

Quizzes: 20% of your grade. This includes written quizzes and sight singing quizzes.

Homework: 15% of your grade. Although most students finish their homework during  class, students have an option to take if home if extra time is needed. 

What to Wear to a Concert

Women:  Formal. White button down tucked in under your blue sweater. Black  bottom- skirt or pants. Nice black shoes.  No jeans and no sneakers  please.

Men:  Formal. White button down tucked in with a black tie. Black pants,  black shoes, and black socks. No jeans and no sneakers please.

6th Graders: Formal. White top with black pants or skirt. No jeans.