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A.P. Giannini Choral Program

A.P. Giannini Choral Program

A.P. Giannini Choral ProgramA.P. Giannini Choral ProgramA.P. Giannini Choral Program

A Choral Tradition

Our Program

A.P.  Giannini Middle School is made up of four choirs; 6th Grade Beginner  Choir, Intermediate Men’s Choir, Intermediate Women’s Choir, and  Advanced Mixed Choir. All four choirs are offered to all students,  however, an audition is required to be in the intermediate or advanced  groups.

A.P.  Giannini is also proud to have four English Hand Bell Choirs who also  compete and perform in San Francisco.  The groups perform at all of our  concerts as well.

Every year we the students are able to work with amazing local organizations.  These include the San Francisco Opera, San Francisco Symphony, Chanticleer, and local college performers. 

The  A.P. Giannini Choir program has a long history starting with one of our  most notable directors, Robert “Bob” Landis, who worked at A.P.  Giannini for over 30 years and our auditorium is named after him.  He  started a tradition of excellence that has been maintained throughout  the years.

Hear Us

Here is a five minute sample of our sound

About the Director

Courtney Lindl: lindlc@sfusd.edu

Courtney Lindl is a National Board Certified Teacher. She received her Bachelor of Music Education from the distinguished Indiana University Jacobs School of Music.  She studied Kodály in the summer program at Holy Names University, and  is the former Choir Representative of the Association of Instructors in  Music (AIM). She received her Masters in Music Education with a focus on  research from the University of Michigan.  

Ms. Lindl’s credentials also include being an interim professor

of the Voices Choirs at the University of San Francisco, guest lecturing at the San Francisco Conservatory, and guest lecturing at the San Francisco Opera Teaching Artistry Program.  She has also sung on the San Francisco Symphony Education CD four times. Her most recent acolade came from Carmen Chu, when given the Certificate of Honor 

from the City and County of San Francisco Office of the Recorder. 

“Ms Lindl has inspired me to accomplish so much more, if I just put some effort into it.” - Student body president graduation speech

Ms. Lindl continues her education by attending conferences of the American Choral Directors Association throughout the year and membership of the Association of Music Instructors in SFUSD. She presented her research at the Wisconsin Music Educators Conference. Her recent research was published in the revered

Bulletin of the Council for Research in Music Education.

Ms. Lindl started her career in Danville, Indiana where she

taught middle school and high school. She was nominated

for teacher of the year in the fall of 2006 in Danville, Indiana. 

She is very excited for her 11th year teaching at A.P. Giannini.

She is excited to be teaching at A.P. Giannini Middle School and the years to come.

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